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25th Anniversary Acrylic Kit, 4-Pc

25th Anniversary Acrylic Kit, 4-Pc

Celebrate PDP's 25th with a kit fusing Acrylic shells and Walnut-stained Maple hoops.

ColorAdditional Details for Colors
Seamless Acrylic Shells

Seamless Acrylic Shells

Limited 25th Anniversary Badge

Limited 25th Anniversary Badge

Walnut-Stained Hoops

Walnut-Stained Hoops

Bass Drum Pillows (White)

Bass Drum Pillows

PDP 25th Anniversary Drum Kit

Crystal Clear Shells

Seamless Acrylic Shells

Celebrate 25 years of inspiring and accessible drums with PDP’s first-ever Acrylic shells. Legendary for their oversized attack with fat and explosive tone with controlled sustain, Acrylic drums were made famous by legendary arena rock bands of the 1970s including Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, and more. These 100% seamless shells will glow up performance spaces of any size with a look that is sparking and transparent. There’s no better way to get exposure than by pairing iconic tone with the eye-catching aesthetic of Acrylic shells that shine under the lights.

PDP 25th Anniversary Drum Kit - Kick Drum

Multi-ply hoops

100% Maple Hoops

Add a traditional twist to your space-age seamless Acrylic shells with 100% European Maple hoops. Wood counter hoops were originally used on snare drums in the mid-1800s when the drums were largely a tool for military use. These taller 10-ply Maple hoops bring a slightly warmer tonal character and throaty rim shots to balance out Acrylic’s signature heavy sound. Stained in dark Walnut, the hoops also provide a striking contrast to the translucent Acrylic shell for a two-tone look that makes a tonal impact.

PDP 25th Anniversary Acrylic Drum Kit

Play PDP 25th Anniversary Acrylic Drum Kit

Available Add-Ons

PDP Designed in California

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