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Daru Jones New Yorker II Shell Pack

Daru Jones New Yorker II Shell Pack

The next-gen 4-piece New Yorker offers maple-poplar shells with snare-tom hybrids, MAG throw-off, and more.

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From the Soulhop king.

Take crispy beats anywhere in the big city with a compact kit designed with Daru Jones.

High-end Hardware

Mini-turret lugs, graduated counterhoops, DW MAG Throw-offs and True-Pitch tuning rods

Single Arm BDM with Clamp

5x10" snom on single arm bass drum mount with accessory clamp for setup ease and versatility

Unique Floor Snom

7x14" snare-tom hybrid featuring 10.5 mm tom brackets with adjustable legs

Bass Drum Lifter

Achieve your perfect bass drum pedal position

PDP Designed in California

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