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Concept Exotic Shell Pack, 5pc, 22"

Concept Exotic Shell Pack, 5pc, 22"

This eye-catching shell pack offers all-Maple shells with exotic veneers, pro-quality hardware, and more.

Concept Series
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Concept Exotic Dual Turret Lugs with True-Pitch Tension Rods

Dual Turret Lugs with True-Pitch Tension Rods

PDP Suspension Tom Mount

Suspension Tom Mounts

Triple Flange Counter Hoop

Graduated Counter Hoops

Bass Drum Pillows (Black)

Bass Drum Pillows

Available Add-Ons

Color Options

Natural beauty of wood grain through elegant lacquer finishes.



Maple / Mahogany Hybrid Wood Shells

Concept™ Maple Exotics drums are constructed with maple shells, wrapped with an inner and outer veneer of rich mahogany, and finished with a glossy natural lacquer so, you can count on these drums to turn heads wherever they go.


  • Dark, mellow tonality

  • Extraordinary warmth and projection

  • Attention-getting look & sound

PDP Designed in California

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