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Concept Maple Shell Pack, 7pc, 22"

Concept Maple Shell Pack, 7pc, 22"

Featuring European Maple shells, innovative DW drum hardware, and an expanded setup of drums.

Concept Series
ColorAdditional Details for Colors
Concept Maple Dual Turret Lugs w/ True-Pitch Tension Rods

Dual Turret Lugs with True-Pitch Tension Rods

PDP Suspension Tom Mount

Suspension Tom Mounts

Triple Flange Counter Hoop

Graduated Counter Hoops

Bass Drum Pillows (Black)

Bass Drum Pillows

Available Configurations

Available Add-Ons

Color Options

Choose the perfect FinishPly™ or hand-sprayed lacquer finish to match your style.

Lacquer and Finish Ply


European Maple Shells

This series features multi-ply European Maple shells cut with 45-degree bearing edges for optimal shell contact to produce balanced attack, full tone, and warm sustain. Maple is a classic, versatile wood that’s suitable for a variety of styles.

  • Warm, round tonality

  • Punchy attack and projection

  • 45-degree bearing edge

PDP Designed in California

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