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CENTERstage Drum Set, 5pc, 20"

CENTERstage Drum Set, 5pc, 20"

Features 100% poplar shells, cymbal pack, and a hardware setup to help early drummers build their skills.

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CENTERstage Hardware Pack

Hardware Included

Double-braced stands, kick drum pedal and throne included


Brass Cymbals

Set comes with 13" Hi-Hats and a 15" Crash/Ride


Sparkle Finishes

The revolutionary wrap finish bonds to the shell and performs like a ply


Telescoping Kick Drum Spurs

Versatility and stability

Available Configurations


Revolutionary Finish Ply wrap bonds to the shell and performs like a ply, providing both beauty and durability.


100% Poplar Shells

These drums feature 100% Poplar shells with 45-degree bearing edges for throaty attack, mellow tone, and balanced sustain. Poplar is a classic, durable, and lightweight wood that can suit many musical styles.

  • Round, mellow tonality

  • Balanced resonance

  • 45-degree bearing edge

PDP Drum Set Unbox and Set Up

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PDP Designed in California

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