PDCMX2215HM - Concept™ Exotic - Honey Mahogany

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Honey MahoganyHoney Mahogany
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Then, the Concept™ Exotics offer the same, pro-level features as their Concept™ Maple cousins. The 7-ply Concept™ Fast Toms™ come in our F.A.S.T. (Fundamentally Accurate Sized Toms) sizes, so each Fast Tom® is built for maximum resonance. The rack toms utilize DW’s advanced Suspension Tom Mounts (STMs), while the floor toms stand on our strong, resonant legs. The 10-ply snares include the trusted MAG throw-off, along with fully-chromed snare wires, featuring carbon steel coils and brass end plates. The 7-ply bass drums are built with die-cast, low-mass claw hooks. Finally, just like all Concept™ drums, the Concept™ Exotics are made with DW’s True Pitch tension rods, graduated counterhoop thicknesses, our retro-inspired, dual-turret lugs, and world-renowned Remo drum heads.

And the sound? Concept™ Exotics fill the room with extraordinary warmth and projection. They are also customizable with add-on toms to adapt to a wide variety of musical styles.

Want to get attention with your look and sound? Try the Concept™ Maple Exotics and you’ll quickly understand why so many drummers are flocking to PDP.


PDCMX0708STHM - 7x8 suspended tom

7x8 Suspended Tom

PDCMX1214TTHM - 12x14 floor tom

12x14 Floor Tom

PDCMX1618TTHM - 16X18 floor tom

16X18 floor tom

PDCMX5514SSHM - 5.5x14 snare drum

5.5x14 Snare Drum

PDCMX1822KKHM - 18x22 bass drum no mount

18x22 Bass drum (No BDM)


*Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Prop65 Warning

Resonant Floor Tom Legs

Die-Cast Claw Hooks & True-Pitch Tension Rods

Suspension Tom Mounts

Maple/Mahogany Hybrid Shell

Telescoping Bass Drum Spurs


Bass Pedal
Hi-Hat Pedal
18x22 Bass
5.5x14 Snare
8x10 Tom
9x12 Tom
14x16 Floor Tom
Right Crash
Left Crash

*Click on the speaker icon for drum audio.

PDCMX2215HM - Concept™ Exotic - Honey Mahogany | Pacific Drums and Percussion


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